Triple H Construction & Engineering Johor Bahru Malaysia NL mechanical engineering project

Design & Build Turn-key

Our concept is more than simple, we design & build, or, you design we build.

Triple H expertise in construction planning has innovatively incorporated value engineering to ensure your cost is minimized to the optimal level without compromising quality.

We design, or you design, please take advantage of the expertise service given by all our professional construction designers, we want to fit our construction into your business operation and practicability seamlessly.

Professional quantity surveyors, consultants and architects are within your reach with us to ensure your design are adhering to the highest level of safety and quality in both material supplied and work constructed.

We are committed to deliver on time and maintain consistency in quality workmanship. In every stages, our professional team of expertise and specialist partner are totally involved and well-communicated.

We manage and supervise stringently on site. From piling, steel & foam work, structural concrete, mechanical & electrical, piping & fire system, skim coat & painting, roofing & waterproofing, we assure you that every detail is taken care of, worry-free is part of our package.

Triple H Construction & Engineering Johor Bahru Malaysia Classic advantage Project

Extension, Major Repairs

& Maintenance

Our service continues after project completion, to suit customer’s business in this fast pace environment.

Although we are highly confidence with our low defect rate, we continue to extend our post project service to all our customer because our trust is built to last.

We provide extension and renovation to commercial and factory lots whenever business owner intends to make changes to their business operation need. We build for your satisfaction, without compromising quality.

We are provider of total business solution, from construction, repair to maintenance, we enjoy our long-term relationship with customers and we ensure our customer to focus on their core business, hassle free.